Monday, 19 March 2018

Tops Reasons for Toothache

Toothache can turn out to be the very form of misery a person may get into. Hence, it is pretty understandable to feel the urge of getting it treated on instant basis. While pain is just a symptom, it is very important to focus on treating the root cause in order to get rid of the entire problem for good.

There are some reasons for toothache that are worth mentioning here.

Tooth decay
Tooth decay is one of the most prominent reasons for toothache. Although this reason is pretty common and almost everyone knows about it, most of the people get affected due to this on regular basis.

Remember, the pain remains at the limit of just an ache when it is limited to the enamel erosion. But when the infection reaches the inner part of tooth, the pain becomes sharper and more intense. While tooth decay is an initial stage in which the tooth can be treated to reverse the problem, same is not possible when the problem worsens to form a cavity.

Tooth abscess
Tooth abscess is the advanced form of tooth decay as it mainly involves infection reaching the root of the tooth. This infection in the root also results infections in the surrounding tissues. Thus the pain can be quite an accumulated one. Tooth abscess doesn’t only result in tooth pain but it can result in further infection which can deteriorate overall oral health. Hence this issue needs to be professionally dealt with on instant basis.

Gum disease
Gum disease mainly involves pain in the gums due to bleeding and resultant infections. However, you need to keep in mind that gum disease itself is resulted due to tooth infection, i.e. tooth decay and cavities. Hence, this pain in gums adds pretty much into the pain in teeth. This infection can result in severe kinds of health complications among which the least one is tooth loss and resultant jawbone deterioration.

Tooth fracture
When a tooth gets fractured for whatever the reason, the crack in tooth enamel lets the passage of germs and bacteria to reach the inner part of the tooth. As a result, the infection in the tooth initiates. This infection starts hurting when tooth’s nerves are affected.

Another scenario involves sudden pain due to the fracture reaching the inner part which contains nerves and vessels.

Tooth sensitivity
Tooth sensitivity can be another reason for the sharp pain to arise after the intake of hot and cold foods. When it happens, you can presume that enamel on your tooth has worn out and the inner part, also known as dentin, is exposed to the hot and cold temperature. Bad news is that it’s not just the pain you should be worried about as dentin is also exposed against germs and infections.

How to deal with the tooth pain
Now you may wonder what is it that you can do to deal with the tooth pain. Well, the answer is that you need to visit your dentist as soon as you can. You can talk to your dentist over the phone in order to know about the temporary ways to deal with the tooth pain until you go to the dental visit.

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